Teams | START TIME: 4:00 PM | END TIME: 6:00 PM


Chris Wulin, President/Co-Treasurer

Julian Chun, Vice President / Co-Treasurer

David Chang, Director of Players

Edgar Rosas, Director of Communications / Secretary

Raymond Corbin, Director of Tournaments


Reno (Sunday Coordinator)

Chase (


President/Co-Treasurer – Chris
  • Any status reports / Updates: No
  • Finances: $63,618.28
    • Checking Balance: $61487
    • Venmo: $250 (transferring to checking)
    • Cash: $350 – (petty cash)
    • PayPal: $1531.28 (transferring to checking)
  • Taxes: Julian – W9 VA Beach. 1099k PayPal. Needs access to treasurer@
Vice President / Treasurer – Julian
  • Any status reports / Updates: No
  • Julian will take over full treasurer position
  • Julian will look into investing portion of funds and report back
Director of Players – David
  • Any status reports / Updates: No
Director of Communications – Edgar
  • Any status reports / Updates: No
  • Wants to get a relationship with Eagle for social. Will followup with plans and details
Director of Tournaments – Ray
  • Baltimore Cancelled / Updates: Discussed below


Action Items Assigned To Deadline Status
—– TBD
—- TBD


Topic: General Presenter:  
  1. Need secondary person to learn how to create signup links.
    1. Will train Reno and Chris to learn how to create it.
  2. Future board meetings.
    1. 6/3/23 for Q2 – Agenda 2 weeks prior.
    2. Adhoc meetings will be virtual when necessary

Votes Yes No
Action Items Assigned To Deadline
Train Chris / Reno on creating links. Ray 2/18
Create meeting invites for next board meeting. Ray 2/18
Topic: Saturday Play Presenter:  
  1. What is turnout like? 15ish – 3 teams.
  2. More competitive? No keep as is and reassess.
  3. Keep running? Yes
  4. Contract end/renewal date? Contract is through June.
Votes Yes No
Action Items Assigned To Deadline
Topic: Wednesday Play Presenter:  
  1. Paying $800 to Facility
Votes Yes No
Action Items Assigned To Deadline
Chris to pay Facility Chris 2/18
Topic: Competitive Play Presenter:  
  1. Should we change days?
    1. If we cant get Sunday long term contract Eddy will poll for new day.
  2. Reno: Will check with facilities about a long term contract for Sundays. If not Sunday what day? 2/17
  3. Reno will address level of play if we get a facility.
  4. Will review player competitive committee.
Votes Yes No
Action Items Assigned To Deadline
Reno checking with facilities about long term contract for Sundays, or different days if not available Sunday. Reno 2/17
Topic: Tournaments Presenter:  
  1. Spring Tournament? DC is dong mid April.
    1. End of April? Check with facilities.
  2. Philly
    1. Yes. Will figure out dates in October
  3. Start planning VA Beach

  4. Baltimore future years?
    1. Check with MDJR
    2. Check with RPCS

Votes Yes No
Action Items Assigned To Deadline
Check with Facilities about 1 day, end of April tournament. Ray 2/18
Check with Philly dates in October Ray 2/18
Begin planning VA Beach – Will loop in small committee Ray 2/18
Work with MDJR/RPCS/Loyola for multi-year plan for Baltimore Ray 2/18n
Topic: Clarify Roles Presenter:  
  1. Review all roles and committees
    1. Roles will be remerged with primary Bylaws file.
Votes Yes No
Action Items Assigned To Deadline
Merge Roles section back into primary bylaws Ray 3/1
Topic: Vaccination Presenter:  
  1. Do we need vaccination still?
Votes Yes No
Do we need vaccination still? Ray/Julian/Chris/David/Eddy
Action Items Assigned To Deadline


  1. Review prior meeting notes
    1. End of spring grass tournament
    2. All nets not at Mike’s house
    3. No second night at MT Royal
    4. No Ellicott City facility
    5. Tournaments facilities booked
    6. Two Clinics held
  2. Saturday play
    1. Chris will follow up with Loyola for new time blocks
    2. Text in the night before play
    3. New sign up form for play
    4. Changes will depend on facility availability for competitive play
  3. Wednesday
    1. Stays same
  4. Facebook page
    1. Update new member questions
  5. Future Tournaments
    1. Battle of the beltway
    2. Sand Tournaments
  6. New tournament caps
    1. Two A team spots moved to B
    1. Future partnership with Loyola

Action Items


  1. Chris will follow up with Loyola for new time blocks
  2. Purchase hooks for nets
  3. Work with Julian on new FB questions.
  4. Work with Mike to consolidate nets


  1. Skills clinic new date
    1. Focus on 1 or two skills.
  2. Work with Chris to consolidate nets


  1. Start looking into one day tournaments
    1. Spring/Fall @ sand/grass/facility.
  2. Move two spots from A to B
  3. Create new sign-up form for Saturday play
    1. Prepay TBD


  1. Work with Wullins on new FB questions.


  1. Look into mixers
  2. Plan fundraising
    1. Jockdrop
    2. Jello Shots
  3. In charge of info@ mailbox for outreach


  1. Review prior meeting notes
    1. Revisit grass days next season
      1. Recollect nets. Snyder will hold all nets.
  2. Second night at Mt. Royal
    1. No available nights at current location
    2. Potential location change at Loyola
    3. Ellicott City? Potentially has 6 courts (Meadowbrook Athletic complex)
    4. Saturday second day play at Loyal (Mike reaching out to Andy)
    5. Chris is following up with Loyola
    6. Set up event at Loyola once agreement is set
    7. Potential contract set for end of December at Loyola (Mark Alexander to run hour clinic open play)
  3. Tournament Location
    1. Ray’s looking for new location
    2. Theme Nights for Baltimore tournament
    3. Loyola and Roland Park may be potential locations for tournament
    4. Ellicott City second potential location for tournament
  4. Clinics
    1. Loyola first hour Mark Alexander/ken
  5. QuickBooks
    1. Ray, Julian, Chris will sit down and go over QuickBooks
    2. PayPal option to be available for Wednesdays
  6. Outdoor net Reimbursement
  7. Donations
    1. Aids Act Baltimroe
      1. $100k
    2. Not contacted by Baltimore Youth works for 5k donation . Donation not disbursed
    3. Mike reaching out for Reach initiative for $1200
    4. MT Royal
      1. $500 disbursed
      2. $350 for Winter
  8. Committees
    1. Outreach Julian
      1. Will contact for Saturday’s new event at loyal
    2. Competitive- Phu
      1. Reestablish Sunday approval committee with Phu (Ernie, Ray, Ian, Brent?)
    3. Social
      1. Music is back!!!
      2. Kicking is back in
      3. 24 cap until new location cap at 1
  9. Creating structured teams (similar to DCPVL league play)
    1. Hutch assistance – Tabled
  10. Events Coordinator
    1. Eddy/Hutch/Ian
    2. Mixers with other gay sports organization in Baltimore
    3. Gorilla Gay Bar
  11. Fundraising
    1. Team Dc Monthly event (not attending)
    2. Quarterly or Biannually potential fundraisers ideas
  12. CCVb
    1. Luca newsletter potential creator
  13. Communications
    1. Facebook Messenger
    2. Potential switch to teams
    3. !5 min Team meeting Demo



  • Meeting Minutes
    • Julian will take it today. Eddy will do it going forward
    • Add section on website
  • Add another volleyball night
    • Grass
      • Add an informal day
      • Mike will talk to Javier to take lead
    • Indoor
      • Chris will inquire with Mt. Royal for possibility to add another night
  • Sunday Rules
    • Full team required if any player in team not formally cleared to play
    • Four players to play together (if all players are cleared to play)
    • Eligibility
    • Mike will reach out to Phu to obtain current criteria
  • New Location for tournament
    • Ray to start a committee to explore locations
    • Aquarium for tournament parties
  • Clinics
    • Reach out to Ken for an August clinic
    • CCVB to make a ball purchase and offer members a chance to buy balls
      • Buy 10-12 balls
      • 2 bins
  • QuickBooks
    • Yearly subscription – approved
  • Reimbursement for outdoor net purchases
    • Ray will PayPal himself after submitting Expense Report
  • Donations
    • Youthworks
      • $10,000 initial offer
      • $5,000 – approved
    • Reach Initiative
      • $1,200
    • Mt. Royal
      • $350 + $350 = $700
    • AIDS Action, Art for Heart, Moveable Feast other charities we have previously donated to.
    • No current donations approved
    • CCVB Board meeting meals – approved
  • Director of Player Committee Leads – Mike
    • Outreach – Julian
    • Competitive – Phu
    • Social – Wulin
  • Outreach level evaluation questions and recruitment
    • Beginner (e.g., picnic vb)
    • Intermediate (e.g., played intermural, club)
    • Experienced (rotations/positions)
      • Which position do you play
    • USAV or NAGVA rating
  • Creating structured teams (similar to DCPVL league play)
    • Hutch assistance – Tabled
  • Events Coordinator
    • Okrrrrr as unofficial site
    • Events Coordinator
      • Frenchies, Chang, Jay, Ian
    • Potential event @ The Woods
  • Grass Tournament
    • August 17th – Quads
      • Papa Silva
    • Afterparty
    • CBOT
  • Fundraising
    • Team DC has CCVB listed as an affiliate
    • We are able to attend monthly events and learn more about fundraising, put stuff in their newsletter, meet other sports organization leaders
    • Discussion regarding splitting Ray’s Microsoft donation between CCVB and Aaron’s basketball team
  • CCVB Newsletter
    • Publish a newsletter
    • Elect a Player of the Month
    • Involvement in the community (volunteer) or other criteria
  • Adjourn