1. Review prior meeting notes
    1. Revisit grass days next season
      1. Recollect nets. Snyder will hold all nets.
  2. Second night at Mt. Royal
    1. No available nights at current location
    2. Potential location change at Loyola
    3. Ellicott City? Potentially has 6 courts (Meadowbrook Athletic complex)
    4. Saturday second day play at Loyal (Mike reaching out to Andy)
    5. Chris is following up with Loyola
    6. Set up event at Loyola once agreement is set
    7. Potential contract set for end of December at Loyola (Mark Alexander to run hour clinic open play)
  3. Tournament Location
    1. Ray’s looking for new location
    2. Theme Nights for Baltimore tournament
    3. Loyola and Roland Park may be potential locations for tournament
    4. Ellicott City second potential location for tournament
  4. Clinics
    1. Loyola first hour Mark Alexander/ken
  5. QuickBooks
    1. Ray, Julian, Chris will sit down and go over QuickBooks
    2. PayPal option to be available for Wednesdays
  6. Outdoor net Reimbursement
  7. Donations
    1. Aids Act Baltimroe
      1. $100k
    2. Not contacted by Baltimore Youth works for 5k donation . Donation not disbursed
    3. Mike reaching out for Reach initiative for $1200
    4. MT Royal
      1. $500 disbursed
      2. $350 for Winter
  8. Committees
    1. Outreach Julian
      1. Will contact for Saturday’s new event at loyal
    2. Competitive- Phu
      1. Reestablish Sunday approval committee with Phu (Ernie, Ray, Ian, Brent?)
    3. Social
      1. Music is back!!!
      2. Kicking is back in
      3. 24 cap until new location cap at 1
  9. Creating structured teams (similar to DCPVL league play)
    1. Hutch assistance – Tabled
  10. Events Coordinator
    1. Eddy/Hutch/Ian
    2. Mixers with other gay sports organization in Baltimore
    3. Gorilla Gay Bar
  11. Fundraising
    1. Team Dc Monthly event (not attending)
    2. Quarterly or Biannually potential fundraisers ideas
  12. CCVb
    1. Luca newsletter potential creator
  13. Communications
    1. Facebook Messenger
    2. Potential switch to teams
    3. !5 min Team meeting Demo

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