1. Review prior meeting notes
    1. End of spring grass tournament
    2. All nets not at Mike’s house
    3. No second night at MT Royal
    4. No Ellicott City facility
    5. Tournaments facilities booked
    6. Two Clinics held
  2. Saturday play
    1. Chris will follow up with Loyola for new time blocks
    2. Text in the night before play
    3. New sign up form for play
    4. Changes will depend on facility availability for competitive play
  3. Wednesday
    1. Stays same
  4. Facebook page
    1. Update new member questions
  5. Future Tournaments
    1. Battle of the beltway
    2. Sand Tournaments
  6. New tournament caps
    1. Two A team spots moved to B
    1. Future partnership with Loyola

Action Items


  1. Chris will follow up with Loyola for new time blocks
  2. Purchase hooks for nets
  3. Work with Julian on new FB questions.
  4. Work with Mike to consolidate nets


  1. Skills clinic new date
    1. Focus on 1 or two skills.
  2. Work with Chris to consolidate nets


  1. Start looking into one day tournaments
    1. Spring/Fall @ sand/grass/facility.
  2. Move two spots from A to B
  3. Create new sign-up form for Saturday play
    1. Prepay TBD


  1. Work with Wullins on new FB questions.


  1. Look into mixers
  2. Plan fundraising
    1. Jockdrop
    2. Jello Shots
  3. In charge of info@ mailbox for outreach