Beach Bash 4! 2024 C Division

Charm City Beach Bash 4! 2024 

C Division Information Page


Charm City Beach Bash is excited to announce the inclusion of a C Division in our volleyball tournament. Even if you've never played a tournament before now's the time to get your feet wet and join us!  The Beach Bash planning committee and other volunteers are committed to guiding players and teams through the entire experience smoothly. 

*Although Beach Bash is affiliated with NAGVA, this division of the tournament is not officially a sanctioned NAGVA event, it will closely follow the national organization’s rules and regulations, however this enables us to be a bit more flexible and allow more hands-on support. The tournament weekend will feature traditional NAGVA divisions (B/BB/BB3) in addition to the C division program.


If you have any questions about the process, please reach out and we are happy to assist.

Julian Chun, Registrar:

Raymond Corbin, Tournament Director:

Tournament Details

See main tournament page for most up to date information.

There you will find information about Host Hotels, Facilities, and Social Events.

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Registration Process

The Registration Fee is $450 per team if paid by 6/23, $525 if by 7/21, and $575 if by 8/11. Team fees cover 7 players, any team with more than 7 players on their roster will need to pay an additional player fee of $50 per player. 

Registration spots are confirmed once team fees have been paid.

Teams will need to complete the following sections on this page.

  1. Team Registration (Captain only)
  2. Team Payment (Captain pays single payment only)
  3. Individual NAGVA registration here (Everyone in the team): CLICK HERE
    1. All players need to have a NAGVA number. For C players, simply register and get your NAGVA # in the above link (DO NOT NEED TO PAY MEMBERSHIP) and give that number to your captain so they can fill out the roster form to submit.
  4. Roster submission (form further down this page), at least 2 weeks before tournament date (Captain duty)


Notice: Only team captain needs to complete this form.


Team Fee
Team City and Team Name


Download Roster Form and fill out completely: Roster Form

Email completed form to

Registered Teams


  • Every Ball Everywhere All At Once
  • The Fudge Packers
  • DC Sets Shop


  • DC Juicy

Tournament Format/Rules of Play

A more robust Tournament Guide including Rules, Regulations, and Schedule of Events will be released closer to the tournament. Generally here is a list of rules and format you should be familiar with:

  1. Format:
    1. Saturday will consist of Pool Play:
      1. You will play 4 matches, and perform referee duties for 2 matches 
    2. Sunday is a double elimination tournament 
      1. You will play until you lose in both the winner’s bracket and the challenger’s bracket.  Teams will be expected to perform referee duties based on their seed
  2. We will closely follow the USAV Rules of Play consistent with C Level of Play
    1. Per the 2016 NAGVA Annual Meeting, NAGVA has adopted all of the USAV Rule Changes, except for pursuit. In NAGVA, there is no pursuit across the other court for a ball. NO touching of any part of the net (bottom or top) while a player is in motion
  3. Players must be 18 years or older. You must provide a government-issued photo identification
  4. All players will be required to have a number on their shirt/jersey
  5. Teams will be expected to follow USAV rotation and substitution rules on the court
    1. Teams are not required to run a specific offense (e.g., 6-2, 5-1, 4-2), but need to be in legal formation before the ball is served
  6. All players will be expected to be at a skill level that is consistent with a NAGVA rating lower than B
    1. You can assess a player’s skill level by considering a variety of factors.
      1. Performance in your local league
      2. In NAGVA, skill performance is measured by consistency, control, and successful execution on the ability to Serve, Pass, Set, Hit, and/or Block
      3. A higher rating means higher frequency and successful execution of multiple skills
    2. Tournament coordinators reserve the right to remove a player or a team from the tournament if they are deemed to be playing well below their skill level or are in excess of volleyball skill set relative for the C division
    3. If you are having a hard time determining a player’s skill level please reach out to tournament organizers for questions


Assessing skill level and determining faults will be an ongoing conversation given not every person is at the same level of proper technique proficiency or the same awareness of court rules and definitions.  Referees will focus on the skill-based criteria discussed below along with basic court rules such as in and out of bounds. For general reference, NAGVA adopts USAV style rules and Beach Bash will mirror this adoption and will focus on the following list below. The tournament organizers can help provide more context around these definitions. The intent is for education, the goal is to learn during the tournament.  

  1. Safety is priority 
  2. No pursuit 
  3. Illegal starting serve/receive formation 
  4. Back row attack violation
    1. A back row player shall not: participate in a completed block; attack a ball which is completely above the height of the net while positioned on or in front of the attack line or its out-of-bounds extension; or in the air having left the floor on or in front of the attack line or its out-of-bounds
  5. Net touch violations 
    1. No touching of any part of the net (bottom or top) while a player is in motion
  6. Judgment Calls
    1. Double Contact Violation
      1. A player cannot contact the ball twice in a row (consecutively).  This will result in a double contact violation  
      2. For players that set the ball intending to use simultaneous hand contact, there will be leniency on the call of double contact
    2. Lifts/Carry Violation
      1. A lift/carry violation is when a ball is caught or thrown without any rebound
      2. Examples of this type of ball possession
        1. A player catches the ball and throws the ball while receiving the ball
        2. A player catches the ball with one hand above the net and uses it to directionally place the ball also known as catch and release
    3. Center Line Violation 
      1. A centerline violation occurs whenever a player illegally crosses their hands or feet over the centerline. Crossing one’s hands over the centerline is legal in most cases, except when it occurs before or during an opponent’s attack hit or when it interferes with the opposing team’s play
      2. Examples
        1. If any part of your body is across the center line (even partially), it is a violation if there is interference with the opponent
        2. If your entire hand, entire foot or any other part of your body is over the line, it is a violation if the action presents a safety hazard – usually if there is an opponent in the vicinity (especially if jumping is involved), it’ll be considered a safety hazard