Power Sunday 7/30/23 Registration

*** 10:00AM to 1:00PM ***

Location: Maryland Juniors Sports Center

8221 Preston Ct F, Jessup, MD 20794

Welcome to Charm City Power Sundays! Our goal is to offer a high level of play and to recruit and retain higher level players. For that, we have changed our requirements to be able to participate on Sundays.

The criteria to qualify for play on Sundays is as follows:

  • Automatic approval if you are NAGVA rated BB or above.
  • If you are unrated or rated B or below and think you qualify, you can request our 5 member evaluating committee to determine if you will be approved to participate. If you are not a known player or would like your skills observed/reassessed, a skills exhibition session can be organized.
  • If you are a B level team looking to practice together, you will be allowed to play as long as you bring your full team (6 players min). Please reach out to us for help filling out teams.

Only approved players that meet the criteria will be allowed to play. For questions or play considerations please contact David Chang or Reno Kriz.